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Have you ever wondered, or made assumptions about, where "The Center of the Earth" is, for preparing people to teach English abroad? Or where you can get a TEFL Certificate accepted everywhere from a world-renowned TEFL Course guaranteeing you a good job afterwards? Is it the UK? Is it the USA? Is it Australia? NO! The best TEFL Courses in the world are right here in Thailand, and the best TEFL Course anywhere is the TEFL for Target Learner Groups Course of TEXT-AND-TALK Academy. Why? because we prepare you to teach successfully to all learners, whatever their nationality — adults, children or anyone — from the very moment you enter the classroom! Indeed, if you wish a chance not just to teach in Asia, but anywhere else where the opportunity presents itself, then our TEFL Course will be indeed the Center of the Earth for you! For details, keep reading below:

Bangkok Affections Book Your collector's copy free while supplies last! From this date onward, every person enrolling in our unique TEFL Course will receive an authentic signed copy of Director James Parmelee's exciting novel Bangkok Affections. Enroll now and reserve your copy immediately!

URGENT RECOMMENDATION! The holidays are finally over!
So hurry up and RESERVE A PLACE
in the February to March TEFL class and
get ready to start your teaching career in the hiring schools' first term! After successful
completion of our TEFL Course, you will start 2016 with a profitable job — GUARANTEED!!

Also... If you are planning on coming to Thailand: COME NOW!
Because your country's currency will now convert to*a record amount of Thai baht*,
and we will ensure that you obtain good work to keep your savings growing at all times!


More Breaking News! SAVE BIG!!! If you previously studied a TEFL, TESL or TESOL course,
Enroll in our course and get
A DISCOUNT OF $210.00 UP TO $525.00 USD!!

Don't worry! If you are looking for a TEFL Course that will lead you to employment and a well-paid career in teaching English abroad, it doesn’t matter if you are old, young, middle-aged, unhappy, unemployed or inexperienced! If you are intelligent and like people, and are also willing to apply yourself diligently to one of
our six-week non-stressful 120-hour TEFL Courses, you can soon start teaching English abroad!

Qualify to teach all learners in our flagship TEFL Course for Target Learner Groups, from the smallest children up through the company CEO. Prepare yourself in friendly, loving Thailand and earn our accredited and highly regarded TEFL Course Certification… the kind employers everywhere look for! Employment guaranteed.

In the past 16 years, nearly 3,200 professional ESL/EFL teachers have qualified themselves through TEXT-AND-TALK Academy training, and now teach all student levels across the world.

Here's all you need to know to begin a happy new life in the Land of Smiles...


One click below gives you full info about: Our course contents. Our course fees. Our class start-up dates. Our training locations. How to get a discount on fees. Graduate testimonials.
How to enroll and pay your fees.

All of this information is fully addressed right here with just one click!


Again, for full information regarding the concerns summarized below,
just click the link above this heading!

What qualifications do you need to attend our course? Do you need a degree to study our TEFL Course and teach in Thailand? Do you need previous teaching experience?

Do we guarantee that you will get a job after successful completion of our TEFL Course? Can you get Thailand visa information, assistance and advice from us? Are there good, affordable accommodations near our academy? What do you need to prepare and bring with you when you attend our course?

Finally, would you like to speak to someone on the telephone about our TEFL Courses? If so, you can speak directly to James, "Our TEFL Course Guru", for personalized info!

Below are *toll-free numbers* for both the USA & Canada, and the UK: And *these numbers ring right into James' cell phone HERE IN BANGKOK*!

Please do note before calling, however, that: OUR TIME IS NOT THE SAME AS YOURS!

Thailand is GMT + 7 hours for UK callers, and 
USA & Canada callers are advised to call between CST 10 pm - 6 am only! 

Here are the toll-free numbers, if you'd like to call:

United States and Canada: 1-866-554-4438
United Kingdom: 0-800-088-5251

TEFL Courses and TEFL teacher training for Teaching English as a Foreign Language and teaching abroad.
1961 Phaholyothin Road
Lardyao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900 Thailand