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TEFL Course Diploma
for Advanced Skills Classes

New from Text-and-Talk Academy

In order to maximize teacher earnings and become proficient in teaching all types, levels and age groups of learners, you may wish to earn your full TEFL Diploma qualification – the first step being to complete our TEFL Certificate Course first, as Part II of the TEFL Diploma Course (Teaching English to Young Learners) is included free of charge in that course, leaving only Part I of the Diploma Course (Advanced Skills teaching) to be mastered and reducing your TEFL Diploma Course fees by half! Certainly, if the opportunities exist to earn high wages by teaching advanced skills classes, and/or one simply does not wish to teach children, then the training contained in our TEFL Diploma Advanced Skills program will be perfect for you after you have gained a bit of prior teaching experience, perhaps.

The TEFL Diploma Advanced Skills Course, which is Part I of the complete TEFL Diploma Course, includes preparation to teach such specialized and extra income generating courses as TOEFL, TOEIC, IELTS, Business English or Business Writing, for example), the good news comes in two parts...

First, your course fee is reduced by half (from $1,250.00 U.S. to $625.00 U.S. plus $65.00 U.S. for course materials and end-of-course documents); and, second, you can complete your study *at home at your own pace*, except for visiting our Academy to take exams, etc! To enroll, just pay your fees and pick up your study materials from the TEXT-AND-TALK Academy director at your location or contact the TEXT-AND-TALK Thailand National Director, James Parmelee to arrange your study: mobile telephone, 081 847 7248 or e-mail parmelee@langserv.com.

Certainly, people in Asia need advanced skills training like no one else in the world. In order to get the best jobs, EFL and ESL users of English must have very high levels of English ability, ititially just to enable them to study in universities abroad. It is vital that such students take and pass either the TOEFL (Testing of English as a Foreign Language) Exam or the IELTS (International English Language Testing Services) Exam at a high level in order to achieve this objective. Unfortunately, very few English native-speaking teachers in Asia have been trained or are otherwise qualified to teach these students, with two very unfortunate results: The quality of teaching is thus very poor, resulting in low test scores; and there simply are not enough teachers around to meet the demand.

Another type of course also is required to enable Asian students to obtain work in the airline industry in such jobs as air hostesses, check-in clerks, accountants, baggage handlers, controllers or pilots. This latter group prepare for their employment by taking the TOEIC. (Testing of English in International Communications) Exam, though this test is also administered to persons through the business community as a gauge of how well staff are able to understand and relate to foreigners using English.

Still other teaching needs are courses to help students with their study skills, reading skills, writing skills and listening skills. Business English, per se, must also be taught, and taught well, to enable staff to do their jobs effectively and advance their positions. And students with special needs require teachers with ESP (English for Special Purposes) skills such as, for example, how to locate companies, set up appointments with managers, and powerfully present proposals to foreign company executives, while they are traveling outside their own country.

All of the above classes, and many more, are ones you will learn to teach if you do our TEFL Diploma Advanced Skills Course, which you can even study primarily at home.

You must, of course, have achieved our own intensive and interactive TEFL Certificate course first.

Feel free to contact our Enrollments Director, Mr James Parmelee (parmelee@langserv.com), for any further information, and to check the locations and scheduling of the TEFL Diploma Advanced Skills Course.

See you soon!