Our TEFL Course Summary
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Our TEFL Course Summary


Only from TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, Thailand...
The Unique (M.E.) Maximum Earnings
TEFL for Target Learner Groups
Certificate Plus Diploma Program!

Can you spare just just a few short weeks of your life to treat yourself
(and many others) to something great?

With a TEFL for Target Learner Groups Certificate + TEFL Advanced Skills Diploma from TEXT-AND-TALK Academy, you don't need to spend up to four years, or even longer, to begin earning maximum All TEFL Course Materialsmoney as a professional EFL/ESL teacher: You can begin right now! For the investment of only $1,495.00 U.S. or less, and just 6 weeks of time from class start-up until Certificate Course graduation followed by a short Sunday-only Diploma Course (Part I), and you are ready to teach any type of course to anyone at any level anywhere in the world! Of course, you will need to dedicate yourself to your studies, and you will need to go out and get some experience, but no other TEFL, TESOL or TESL course provider on earth can prepare you to maximize your earnings in any country the way our program does, and certainly no provider on earth can prepare you to maximize your earnings in any manner, and certainly not so fast. Our ME Program can be completed in just 14 weeks (8 of those doing the Sunday-only Diploma Course Part I), or by doing the Certificate Course now and the Diploma Course later on. It's your call.

Also, our TEFL Program provides an exclusive TEACHER'S GRAMMAR MODULE and a unique LANGUAGE COMPARISON MODULE (combined value, $675.00 U.S.) FREE OF CHARGE within a complete TEFL Certificate Course package of just $1,495 complete!plus, as a Year 2017 Limited Time Special: Our package now includes without extra charge our TEFL Diploma Course Part II (with free textbook): Teaching English to Young Learners, regular fee $660.00, for a total ADDED Value of $1,335.00!! (Do note that the Language Comparison Module and the Teacher's Grammar Module are not currently offered separately from the TEFL Course, as graduates of other Certificate Courses would generally not qualify for entry due to inadequate preparation.)

See what makes our ME TEFL Program different and better if you want to teach English in a non-English speaking country...

The Students below are having fun, and so is their trainee teacher!




There are several different answers about why our program prepares you better for teaching in EFL countries, and all are equally valid: here are several different answers about why our program prepares you better for teaching in EFL countries, and all are equally valid:



First, a practical choice of course length.

  • Six weeks. Our TEFL Certificate Course consists of 120 hours plus 6-8 hours of observed practice teaching with real English students – the honored International Standard for this level of course. Our traditional 6-week course now currently runs in Bangkok, Pattaya, Chiang Mai and Khon Kaen, and appeals to all trainees who are genuinely concerned about getting thorough training and teaching practice, maximizing teaching income and in learning to teach both adults and children, and both ESL and EFL learners successfully. By definition, it is scheduled to run two weeks longer than most other TEFL or TESOL courses, but does not lengthen study needlessly. Rather, the course is set up this way to allow a trainee's mind to comprehend whatever is taught in the training room and the course modules without being too demanding. In fact, the six-week course runs only 5 hours a day, Monday through Thursday, which leaves a moderate amount of  time (besides homework chores!) to enjoy the delights of Thailand on the off days.

  • 14 weeks. Our unique Certificate Plus Advanced Skills Diploma Training Program, Part I. Unbelievably affordable! Six weeks of Certificate Course Training, as above (including without charge the TEFL Diploma Course Part II: Teaching English to Young Leaners), plus 8 weeks (40 easy-to-accomplish hours!) of Diploma Course Part I training on Sundays only, or primarily at home, to enable you to teach any type of class and any level of class in any country in the world. Great benefits. Includes how to teach highly-paid TOEFL, IELTS, TOEIC and ESP adult classes. (See Our TEFL Course Fees regarding the simple procedure and accordable charges for this program.)
  • The above Certificate Course plus eight weeks. If you would like to do the Diploma Course, Part I, after the Certificate Course (as described above), but do not feel you can afford the time or expense at this stage, take heart! Just enroll online for the Diploma Course but pay only half, which will cover your cost for the 8-week Adult Advanced Skills Course.

  • To find the best location to achieve the above objective, and when, please contact Mr James Parmelee (parmelee@langserv.com) for full information. Click here for Full Program FAQ. And here's the class schedule for each training location: 2016 - 2017 CLASS SCHEDULE.

Finally, our graduates teach in all types of educational institutes throughout Thailand, and in over 30 other countries of the world. Our Certificate Course is a full-fledged, 120-hour comprehensive teacher training course that is known and respected worldwide, is properly accredited, and conforms to a far greater-than-required International Standard of Excellence. With the additional 6-8 hours of actual teaching practice (observed and critiqued by helpful, professional teachers), it will turn you into a highly competent and greatly respected conversation teacher, and put you much in demand for one of the thousands of better paid EFL or ESL teaching positions.